The Legend of Kino Bora Bora and the Boaraborians!

The Legend of Kino Bora Bora and the Boaraborians!The legend says that Kino Bora Bora just suddenly appeared one day like a miracle from the heavens. He became the most feared warrior of his time and was the king’s personal bodyguard. 

But Kino loved cooking food and was soon found to be the greatest chef in the world cooking great feasts for all the rulers of the land. In time other chefs began to steal his style, calling it their own, and mutated the cuisine. Kino became angry and heartbroken and soon he vanished never to be seen or heard from again for hundreds of years.

That is until Chef Phil was lost at sea on a 7 month sailing hiatus and crashed into an uncharted island in the south Pacific. It was there that Kino saved Phil and learned that he was a chef, and chose Phil to be the one to continue his legacy, teaching him the true recipes and cooking style that was once known to be only fit for royalty.

Kino Bora Bora called this ancient style International Ranch-House. Some think that Kino is here today among us on the main land and sometimes you can hear him say “If it involves food, I’m your dude” or “Get Sauced” --
There is only one person that knows for sure…